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"[Hoity-Totiy] has that 'modern-day riot girl' feel with a perpetual forward-moving and catchy musicality."—Shelby Padgett, GERM Magazine

"With soul-melting harmonies, incredible bass hooks, vocal runs that I wish I could sing along to and moments that can’t deny their musical proficiency, this EP [Not Your Kind" really shines through as something people need to hear." –Chloe Spinks, RIOT Magazine (UK)

Hoity-Toity is a four-piece all-girl alternative rock band based in Redlands, California. Consisting of front-woman Shelby Muniz, drummer Kelsey Caselden, bassist Tana Snyder, and guitarist Aria Hurtado, Hoity-Toity blends alternative, indie, glam, punk, and pop elements into a unique and energetic sound enriched by a diverse variety of influences. The band initially began to take shape in 2013, when vocalist Shelby Muniz was still in middle school, with its current lineup forming at the start of 2016. None of the current members of Hoity-Toity knew each other prior to joining the band, but each brings something different to the table. Their self-titled debut EP was released on August 7, 2016 when the band performed at the Pomona date of the Vans Warped Tour, and has a fairly straightforward meat-and-potatoes powerpop sound. Their new EP, "Not Your Kind", released on June 30, 2019, expands on their old sound with more complex, layered instrumentation and a wider array of influences from Rage Against The Machine to Santana. The band has shared the stage with the likes of punk rock pioneer Alice Bag, riot grrrl legend Alison Wolfe (Sex Stains, Bratmobile, Partyline), and glam rock icons Great White.