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Front-woman Shelby Muniz, guitarist Aria Hurtado, bassist Tana Snyder, and drummer Kelsey Caselden were strangers before becoming bandmates, but from their four walks of life emerged a varied and multifaceted mosaic of sound, and like the shapeshifter depicted on the cover art of their 2019 EP “Not Your Kind”, Hoity-Toity is more than meets the eye. Combining vicious rock riffs with catchy pop melodies and an irresistible groove, Hoity-Toity’s diverse influences merge to form a fresh, dynamic style that defies categorization. 

With their glam-inspired aesthetic, eclectic sound, and energetic live show, Hoity-Toity is a rare act that can get the pop lovers dancing, the punks moshing, the indieheads crowdsurfing, the metalheads headbanging, and the funk fans boogieing down all in the same hour. Beginning from powerpop and pop-punk roots, the band expanded into funk and latin influences on "Not Your Kind". Now with a new record in the works, the four are flirting with everything from new wave to blues rock, from indie disco to 2000s emo. The girls have shared the stage with the likes of 70’s LA punk pioneer Alice Bag (The Bags), riot grrrl legend Alison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Partyline, Sex Stains), and glam rock icons Great White, and performed at the House of Blues and the 2016 Vans Warped Tour.


"From Redlands in California, this quartet definitely have a Cali sound, and their latest EP, Not Your Kind, has helped elevate the band to a new level. [...] Their most popular track, Y’know, is full of teenage angst and vintage pop-punk key changes, and I can imagine it being on the soundtrack to the next massive Netflix teen romance. It has catchy hooks and feels like the kind of song you would dance around in your room to. I love the fact it’s such early days for this band, and this is the kind of authenticity you can’t buy."—Sophie K, KERRANG!

"California punks Hoity-Toity are underrated. Their 2017 single Opus brings to mind Paramore’s Decode — dark, emo-tinged pop-punk with vicious vocals and an explosive chorus. Their sonically vibrant 2019 EP Not Your Kind has more colors. Shelby Muniz’s voice is clean and smooth, especially on Y’know."—Danielle Chelosky, Stereogum

"With soul-melting harmonies, incredible bass hooks, vocal runs that I wish I could sing along to and moments that can’t deny their musical proficiency, this EP really shines through as something people need to hear."—Chloe Spinks, RIOT Magazine (UK)

"[Hoity-Toity] has that 'modern-day riot girl' feel with a perpetual forward-moving and catchy musicality."—Shelby Padgett, GERM Magazine


"With powerful vocals, ridiculously big guitar riffs, and a rhythm section that’s as good as you’ll hear at this level, Hoity-Toity have excelled themselves on this EP. [...] Whilst Hoity-Toity‘s music is powerful, the quartet’s personalities and positive approach is a breath of fresh air for the alternative music scene."—Tom Beck, ifoundthiscoolband



JUNE 30TH, 2019

Not Your Kind is Hoity~Toity's sophomore release, launched end of June 2019. The EP was recorded at Hybrid Studios and was mixed by Joshua Brooks and mastered by Billy Klein. Available on all major platforms. 

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